The Playbook Movie Study


Follow the epic tale of tragedy and forgiveness as students learn how the life of faith has a lasting effects in our life.



The Playbook (2015) movie follows the true story of Steven Thomas.  He has it all, a loving family, a successful business and faith. But when tragedy strikes the family that faith is tested. This film depicts the family’s journey in deciding the ultimate question, whether to abandon one’s faith or persist through difficult times.  This movie tells an epic tale of forgiveness and restoration through God’s grace.

The movie study includes a student workbook and powerpoint presentation.  The student workbook has both comprehension questions and self-reflection questions.  The powerpoint presentation will require the movie to be embedded and broken into sections.  All questions are included in the presentation and suggested answers can be revealed with a click.

This movie is based on a true story and would be appropriate for year 8 upwards.


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