Gifted Hands Movie Study


Gifted Hands Movie Study includes 7 Lessons, with a Bingo lesson at the conclusion.  Package includes both student workbook and Powerpoint presentation.



Students are often keen to know that God has plan for their lives, and that he has given them unique skills and talents in order that they may help others throughout their lives.  The movie Gifted Hands, which tells the story of Ben Carson is an excellent movie for students aged 12 and above.

This package includes a student workbook which may be printed and folded to A5 size.  The workbook includes questions and lines for written answers.  The powerpoint which accompanies the workbook has the same questions and suggested answers inserted in the presentation.  The movie may be download from clickview and embedded in the presentation.  The movie may be divided into segments of approproximately 15-20 minutes.

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