The Disastrous Decision



“What a great invention!”

Timmy and Phoebe were happily moulding handfuls of dough as they tested the new Create-a-Creature toy given to them by Grandma’s neighbour, Mr Johnson.

But when Phoebe and Timmy ignore the instructions given to them by the inventor, they realise what a disastrous decision they have made.

With a heavy heart the children read the next chapter of The Eternal Love Story, only to discover they are not the only ones who have
to live with the consequence of making a disastrous decision.

In this second Little Book of Blessing we learn although the King’s family disobey his instructions, he does not leave them without a hope and a promise.

The Eternal King invites you to discover how your disastrous decisions can be changed into opportunities to learn how to live the way the King designed.


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