Teen Passport Preparation Course


The Teen Passport Preparation Course is an 8 week course designed for pre-teens to prepare for adolescence.

Presenters need to be aware, the course advocates traditional Christian values of purity and moral excellence.

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Teen Passport
Teen Passport Preparation Course, designed for 11-13 year olds on preparing for adolescence.

From the first page:

“So you’re about to be a teenager!”  Did you know that you’re about to go on the adventure of a lifetime? It is not a holiday. It is a life adventure, so you’ll not return the same person as you left. You are about to embark on a white-water Kayaking experience through the rough waters of the Teenage Grand Rapids. …”

This resource is designed for small groups of pre-teens, aged between 11 and 13 years, who meet ideally in a church or youth group setting.  The course discusses the kinds of temptations which all teens face, and how to navigate these choices, making wise life decisions.

Note, the handbook is based on the book written by Dennis and Barbara Rainey entitled “So You’re about to be a teenager”.  The course advocates traditional Christian values, such as remaining sexually pure prior to marriage.  Accordingly, customers will need to determine whether this resource is right for your youth setting.

What you’ll receive:

  • A PDF file containing a A4 document which may be folded in half to produce two A6 booklets.
  • A PowerPoint file which accompanies the Passport, which features kayaking themed visuals.

What you’ll need to purchase on your own:

  • I bought some black cards and used these as covers for the passport.
  • I bought a silver pen and wrote “TEEN PASSPORT” on the cover
  • I bought a set of small, plastic compasses to go with the passport.

You are free to copy both the Passport booklet as many times as you wish.

Note: If there is something you wished changed in the text. Please let me know and I can edit the text and send another PDF file for you.

I pray this resource will help your preteens navigate the turbulent waters of adolescence!


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