Primary Chapel | Theme: The Stars of Christmas

A Chapel presentation for primary aged students called “The Stars of Christmas” featuring Christmas Poems which tell the Christmas story.


Christmas is a beautiful time for children and adults alike, and primary students get especially excited when the Chapel theme for Term 4 revolves around the story of Christmas.

This 7 week Chapel presentation is suited for primary aged students and follows the theme “The Stars of Christmas”  Each week a “star” is featured, and a Christmas Poem follows their story.

The liturgy of this Chapel follows a simplified Anglican liturgy which includes opening greeting, Scriptural exhortation (in poem form), Greeting of Peace, The Lord’s Prayer, and a closing blessing.

This Christmas Chapel follows the following schedule:

Wk 1 – The Stars of Christmas: Introduction
Wk 2 – The Stars of Christmas: The Bethlehem Star
Wk 3 – The Stars of Christmas: The Little Donkey Remembers
Wk 4 – The Stars of Christmas: O How the Angels Sing
Wk 5 – The Stars of Christmas: Shepherds Shook in their Shoes
Wk 6 – The Stars of Christmas: The Magi! Once upon a clear dark night
Wk 7 – The Stars of Christmas: The Little Christmas Tree

To make this Chapel even more interesting for primary children, I put each poem into an envelope and left it on one of the seats in the Chapel.  Then the student brought it out and we read out the poem for that week.

What your purchase includes:

  • A PowerPoint with seven weeks of slides.  Each week a different poem is provided.
  • An MS Word document which provides the words to each poem so that either a few senior primary students or the teachers may read the poems each week.

The poems were very popular when we did this Chapel in our College.


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