Christian’s Epic Quest


Bring the allegory of Pilgrim’s Progress alive in the primary classroom, using the Christian’s Epic Quest resource.


Many of us are familiar with John Bunyan’s allegory Pilgrim’s Progress. Christian Epic Quest is a classroom resources suited for students aged in years 3 to 6.  The three books are broken in 10 weeks of lessons covering three terms.  When I delivered these lessons I made a giant floor map (from an old blind) and made small icons which represented an important symbol from each chapter.  See the gallery for the map that I made and an example of the symbols I used.  Students sat in a circle and read the story prior to watching the segment from Pilgrim’s Progress movie and completing any book work.

Christian’s Epic Quest includes three student workbooks (one for each term) with PowerPoint files which accompany each week.  Embedded in the PowerPoint files are 5 minute clips from the movie “Pilgrim’s Progress” which some parts edited out, as they were not appropriate for the primary school classroom.

This is a large resource.  Accordingly, the files will be zipped.


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