A Narrative Preaching Story

The Eternal Author’s Mysterious Story – Part 2

And so the Good News inspired Eternal Author’s Mysterious Story started to take shape.

4. Next, Lowry explains, it is time to move to “Yeah! Anticipating the Consequences” – What are the consequences of knowing that the Eternal Author has a mysterious plan for the world – and that mysterious plan has been revealed to his beloved children? What reassurance does that bring?

When I started to ask these questions a little song entered into my mind, a song I have sung to myself whenever I get worried about the future …

"Because he lives, I can face tomorrow.  Because he lives, all fear is gone,
Because I know he holds the future,

Life is worth the living just because he lives"
Chorus from "God Sent His Son, they call him Jesus"
by Gloria and William J Gather

So, the text of the story was crafted around this song,

I know the one who holds the future …

Grandpa is reassured of The Eternal Author’s promise …

5. Finally, I needed my application. What was the congregation to do to gain this reassurance that God holds the future in his hands? How do we navigate these troubling and chaotic times, with the reassurance that God is guiding our future towards a glorious end?

And that was how the first message – the first Little Book of Blessing came to be.

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